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We have plenty of experiences in events and exhibitions held in abroad as well.
Our project manager, an expert in events and exhibitions abroad, will take care of it thoroughly.

Examples of the exhibitions abroad


Cities we conducted the project

  • Asia

    • Beijing, Shanghai, Soul, Busan, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Ankara

  • Oceania

    • Brisbane

  • East Europe

    • Moscow

  • Europe

    • London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Basel, Madrid, Cologne, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Munich

  • North America

    • Las Vegas, Anaheim, New York, Boston

  • Middle East

    • Dubai

Examples of the exhibitions abroad

If you are thinking about exhibiting in other countries, please contact us. With our plenty of experiences abroad, we can handle not only the booth design and the construction, but being in contact with the show management, turning in the forms, shipping the exhibits, arranging the interpreter, booking the hotel, and arranging the restaurant for the after-party. We can provide everything you need, in one-stop.


One of our well-experienced employees will support you on site from construction to the open hours. We only send the minimum number of our employee to use most of the budget on “what you can actually see”. Cooperation of our suppliers in each city makes this possible.

If you have not decided on which exhibition to exhibit yet, we can attend you in each country’s exhibition and have a free consultation.

Side story about exhibitions abroad

When we receive an order for the exhibition in other country, we start with working on the design, checking the regulations for the exhibition, and last but not least, booking the hotel near the venue. It is extremely important to book a hotel as soon as possible to not waste any cost especially when it is a famous exhibition. What is as important as booking the hotel? The answer is, checking the location and the open hours of the closest supermarket and home improvement store to the venue. This may seem inefficient with the exhibition; however, many of the requirements we receive from our clients on site can be solved with these stores. 
How we help our clients accomplish a success? Either in or out of Japan, we always stand in our clients’ point of view to find a better solution.

If you would like to know more about overseas project, please free to contact us.

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