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The reasons to introduce beMatrix




This beMatrix frames are different from the usual systematic frames. There are varieties of types that allow us to combine with wooden structure, textile, glass, and hardware. With the different types of beMatrix frames you can build a custom look stand.


Less CO2 emission


When dismantling, there are no material or item that will be disposed, which keep the carbon emission to the minimum. Also, since frames are not finished with a layer of oxide, they are fully recyclable. The frames can be used 15 years+


Improving productivity


By using beMatrix, the constructing hours and the number of labor are greatly reduced. This will help cut the cost of the constructing and dismantling labor fee. Since the material is light enough for the elderly workers to handle, this item can contribute to the issue of decrease in number of Japanʼs labor population. From the reasons above, we strongly recommend beMatrix.

From the above, we confidently recommend beMatrix.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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