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photocatalytic coating


Construction certificate


​2 sticker sizes

Free Certificate & Sticker Presented!

After the construction is completed, we will give you the following without exception.

  • Construction certificate

  • Construction completion sticker (2 types, large and small)

Free pollution survey

If you can contact us,Free current pollution surveyWe will calculate the estimate.

Application flow

01 |Request a quote

・Contamination measurement   ・Submitting an estimate

02 |Order

03 |Construction*A minimum of 1 day


04 |Post-construction inspection

・Contamination measurement

05 |Construction certificate

・Give visitors peace of mind

certificate issuance


Construction certificate

After the coating work is completed, we will issue a "Construction Certificate".


​After passing the post-construction inspection, we will issue a certificate.

※The photograph is an image. Frame not included.

*The design of the construction certificate is subject to change.

​01 Construction certificate


​Similar to the installation certificate, we will issue a sticker for free. The stickers are laminated and can be pasted on window glass.

​02 Installed sticker


What is W Care Coat?

An antibacterial and antiviral coating using titanium oxide and copper ions sold by Wako Techno Co., Ltd.

​Really effective verification results

Inert rate


*Inactivation refers to the rate at which the virus is killed.

*The performance and epidence of W Care Coat areherePlease check from

coating cost

Basic charge

1 rule up to 50㎡

60,000Yen (tax included)

​Additional charge

per square meter

800Yen (tax included)

  • The above is the cost of coating work.

  • Additional charges will be incurred if significant care or movement is involved.

​Estimated working time

per square meter1 minuteis assumed. approx. per 50㎡about 50 minutesbecomes.

  • Working hours will vary if significant curing or movement is involved.

  • We will confirm the situation during the pollution survey.


About Tokyo Zokei Art Co., Ltd.


Comprehensive company for spatial displays, events, and store interiors


Since our founding in 1962, we at Tokyo Zokei Art have been involved in public relations and sales promotion activities for our customers, with a focus on decoration work at exhibitions and commercial facilities. With this new corona, many customers consulted us about disinfection and antivirus, and we ended up with photocatalyst titanium oxide as an "economical, safe, and safe" agent.


Please feel free to contact us for free contamination surveys, quotation requests, etc.

Tokyo Zokei Art Co., Ltd. Sales Promotion Department


Business hours Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00

Thank you for your submission.

​ A representative will contact you.

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