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Corporate philosophy

-We are a company capable of enriching society through top-class work. 
-We are a company that is sustainable and never hesitates to pursue innovation as a team of top-class professionals. 
-We are a company capable of continually producing top-class people and empowering them to lead more fruitful lives.   

Greetings from TZB's representative


TZB started as an interior decoration company in 1962 in Itabashi, Tokyo, with a few carpenters and a small factory. We changed our office to Ginza Tokyo in 1966, and Nihonbashi Tokyo in 1980. Still, our policy of clients first and working sincerely has never changed.  
From our experiences over many years, we receive an order not only for the booth constructions, but comprehensive requests of exhibitions and events. Our vast network makes it possible to resolve the requests in “one-stop” and is useful to our clients.
However, providing this kind of service is nothing special. Our most extraordinary mission is to offer our clients the solution for more significant success, either in or out of Japan.
As an initiative for environmental issues, we have introduced a reusable material, beMatrix, from Belgium in 2019. 
We are organizing the environment for better health and our employees' greater happiness and reinforcing the corporate governance, as it is a top priority for our business strategy.
TZB will aim to become a company that can transmit information for the future for our clients and as a part of society.

CEO Ryu Ishimori

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